Way of arrival and route

Way of arrival:

The cities directly to Handan Airport: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shenyang, Harbin, Shenzhen and other routes.
How does Handan Airport arrive at the exhibition hall:
Recommended route: take the airport bus to the Handan worker's Theatre, take the 58 bus (or taxi) to the HanDan Railway Station, and then transfer to the site of the China international standard parts industry city exhibition at the end of the 801 road.
How can HanDan Railway Station arrive at the exhibition hall:
The railway station: the train station takes the number 801 bus to the terminal station (China International Standard Industrial City) and gets off the train to the venue.
High speed railway station: high speed railway station take 36 bus to the railway station, then transfer to the terminal 801 bus to the terminal station (China international standard parts industrial city), you can reach the meeting.

Foreign exhibitors and visitors can live in any hotel?

1, Yongnian county government Hotel +0086-310-6817968

2, Yongnian Cloud River Hotel +0086-310-6906666

3, Aegean Sea Holiday Inn +0086-310-6666911

4, Yongnian magpie Hotel +0086-310-6667775

5, Shahe Hotel +0086-319-8920111

6, Shahe GreenTree Inn +0086-319-8930666

7, Home Inn 365 Hotel +0086-310-6661365

Yongnian County air tickets, train tickets, taxi phone?

1, Handan ticket sales Tel: +0086-310-3051919

2, Handan train ticket sales Tel: +0086-310-3063333

3, Yongnian ticket sales Tel: +0086-310-6698000