Exhibition Date:

October 16-19, 2019

Exhibition Venue:

Yongnian International Fastener Exhibition Center,Handan,Hebei,China.

China General Machinery Parts Industry Association
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch
Handan Municipal People's Government
Department of Commerce of Hebei Province
Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province
CCPIT Hebei Council

CCPIT Handan Sub-branch
Hebei Fastener Industry Association
Handan Jin Jiang Media Advertising Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the event

Yongnian is the world's largest fastener production and distribution base. At present, there are more than 4000 fastener manufacturers in Yongnian, and the annual output of fasteners reaches more than 3 million tons. The products are sold to 31 provinces around of China and exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, South America and other countries and regions.
Since 2007, China Fastener and Machinery Exhibition has been successfully held for 12 times. Each exhibition has attracted more than 30,000 fastener related buyers from all over the world.Until now, our exhibition has developed into the largest fasteners and machinery professional exhibition in northern China. The exhibition is expected to attract 800 exhibitors with an exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters.
Our exhibition hall is located in the fastener trading market, where has about 6000 fastener stores.After the exhibition, you can visit the fastener trading market and fastener factory.

Exhibition Profile:
Hall1: Fastener products

1. Common fasteners
Bolts, screws, nuts, expansion screws, riveting products, lead screws, washers,nails, combined fasteners, connecting sub-fasteners,  hot piers and turning products, stainless steel fasteners, plastic and nylon fasteners, corrosion-resistant metal fasteners, special screws, non-standard fasteners
2,  Automobile fasteners
High - strength bolts for engines, hub / wheel bolts and nuts, welding bolts and nuts, fasteners for chassis, cold header for chairs, fasteners for interior decoration, and fasteners for vehicle bodies.
3, Railway fasteners
Aluminum alloy fasteners, titanium alloy fasteners, blind bolts, critical fasteners, special alloy fasteners, threaded sheaths, high temperature / low temperature fasteners
4, Building fasteners
Ceiling artifact, chemical anchor bolt and resin, hanging pieces, solar energy firmware, brackets and connectors, scaffold fasteners, stamping products for construction, and other building firmware and connectors
5, Hardware tools
Torque wrenches, torque wrenches, screwdrivers / screwdrivers, mechanical hands / adjustable wrench, riveting tools and equipment, power tools, pneumatic tools, welding instruments, fastener maintenance and removal equipment, and other installation tools.

Hall2: Fastener Machinery

1, Cold heading machine,Thread rolling machine,Heading machine,Bolt Formers, Nut Formers,  Nut Tapping machine,Screw machine
2, Industrial furnace,Vibrating disk,Marking machine,Packaging machine,Surface treatment machinery,etc.

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