2018, the eighteenth China fastener spring and equipment exh


2018, the eighteenth China fastener spring and equipment exhibition was held.

The eighteenth China fastener spring and equipment exhibition March 28-30 was held in Chongqing International Expo Center.

Jin Jiang media sent representatives to participate in the exhibition, exhibition number M2, the invitation letter of "fastener business news" and the twelfth China Yongnian fastener and equipment exhibition, welcomed by the audience. After that, visit Chongqing fasteners hardware and Electromechanical market.
As an important gateway for the economic center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the development and opening of the west, Chongqing has a strong industrial base and complete industrial categories. The industrial clusters of automobiles, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, integrated circuits, robots and intelligent equipment, general aviation, new energy and other industrial clusters have flourished, bringing unprecedented opportunities for development for fasteners and spring industries. As the first integrated fastener, spring, material and equipment in the Midwest, the exhibition is the major platform for the whole industry chain. It is a major day for the cooperation of the suppliers and the buyers. It has attracted the interest of thought intelligence, Ningbo tengeng, Sheng sharp Seiko, Zhejiang Ansheng, Suzhou Jun Gu, Ruian Jin Feng, Wenzhou long endurance, Hongnan machinery, zhe Yu industry, Jia Shanchao billion, Kay radidi, Zhejiang big and Yi Yaxin Yongteng automation, Zhejiang omnipotence, Dongguan fine industry, Hubei river one special, Shanghai product solid, leading odd industry and trade, Wenzhou Zhongyuan, Chang Jie machinery, all - Ying automation, Vera dredge industry, Rui exhibition hardware and other well-known enterprises participation.