Wang Tao, general manager of Jin Jiang, went to Dubai to att


Wang Tao, general manager of Jin Jiang, went to Dubai to attend the Hebei brand exhibition.

In March 28th, the brand exhibition of Hebei, China was launched in the UAE International Exhibition Center. Jin Jiang, general manager of Jin Jiang media, and Wang Tao, with the invitation letter from the twelfth China Yongnian fastener and equipment exhibition, participated in the exhibition and promoted the Yongnian exhibition and pushed Yongnian fasteners to the world.
Pei Shixin, deputy director of Hebei commerce department, has carried out docking activities with 150 members of Hebei provincial business delegation and Dubai overseas warehouse of China Building Materials Group.
Hebei gold seat, Handan yanzhao, high intensity view, Harbin golden secret, Yongnian Yukang, Hebei Cheng, Handan Hao Sheng, Handan Feida, Handan Guangtai, Hebei, Southern Hebei, Handan Anyi and other more than 30 standard parts enterprises participated in the exhibition.
This exhibition has gathered a large number of well-known fastener manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and distributors at home and abroad, exhibiting all kinds of latest products and technologies, with a wide range of categories and high scientific and technological content, to a certain extent, it represents the trend and trend of the fastener industry.
This exhibition has broadened the vision of Yongnian standard parts enterprises and felt the change of the foreign fastener market at zero distance. It has great positive significance for the standardization of the whole industry in the future. In particular, after the improvement of the standard parts industry of Yongnian, the quality of products is moving towards the middle and high end. It is urgent to open up a bigger market to promote itself, to expand the territory, to increase the market share and brand reputation.