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Online Pre-Registration


Foreign purchasers are requested to send E-mail to jinjiang5139366@163.com by January 25, 2019 with arrival time and person and name. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition will arrange a free shuttle bus and arrange meals and accommodation.

Visit notes

1, all exhibitors, buyers, spectators, users go to the conference group to register for registration procedures, to receive a permit before entering the exhibition hall.

2, non exhibitors to prohibit any publicity materials into the exhibition hall, once found, all confiscated.

3, please take care of their vehicles, luggage, exhibits and other items; please care for the exhibition hall inside and outside all the exhibits, carpets, facilities.

4, pay attention to the exhibition hall inside and outside the power facilities, pay attention to electricity safety. Non professionals are prohibited to tamper with, otherwise the consequences.

5, please keep the hall inside and outside the environment, please do not smoke in the exhibition hall, please do not throw in the venue, littering.

6, in order to maintain the meeting, begin from me, please consciously abide by the above rules.

7, civilization, cultural exchanges, civilized communication, establish a good atmosphere to visit.

8, if there are special circumstances, please contact the staff advisory group, we will provide you with satisfactory service.


《Exhibition Invitation》

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