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The Eleventh China Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners and Equipment

2017/05/02 - Organizer: Handan Municipal Peoples Government Hebei Office of industry and information Hebei Province, CCPIT Undertaker: Yongnian District Peoples Government of Handan Handan Munic…


The fourteenth China Yongnian standard parts manufacturers a

2017/05/02 - Time: February 2017 4-5 (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar - 9th) Location: Yongnian China international standard parts industry city In order to strength…


Yongnian standard parts enterprises to participate in the Ge

2017/05/02 - March 28, 2017 -30, the Stuttgart fastener exhibition in Stuttgart International Exhibition Center Grand opening. Yongnian standard parts enterprise Handan Seiko, Handan Feida, Hand…

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