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The fourteenth China Yongnian standard parts manufacturers a
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Time: February 2017 4-5 (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar - 9th)
Location: Yongnian China international standard parts industry city

In order to strengthen the national standard parts industry and the exchange of information and communication, promote Yongnian fastener industry upgrade, promotion of standard products and brands, enhance the standard parts manufacturers exchange of information and emotional communication, make full use of the good development opportunities, Yongnian county area, Handan City advertising company Jin Jiang media is scheduled for February 2017 4-5 day (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar - ninth) will convene the fourteenth session of the China - Yongnian standard parts manufacturers association and products in Yongnian China international standard industrial city logistics area.

This exhibition is expected to show 50, the exhibition of the 500.
First, the advantages of Yongnian
Yongnian is the capital of China fastener, is the country's largest standard parts distribution center and production base. At present, the fastener production enterprises reached more than 6 thousand, in 2015 the fastener production reached about 3000000 tons, the output value of about 20000000000 Yuan, the products are sold to 31 provinces and cities, some products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Yongnian is the new and old standard parts distribution mall, Feiyu screws world international standard parts, hardware city four large professional market, a standard sales of ten in the corridor, there is a professional distributor of more than 6 thousand stores, daily traffic of more than 100 thousand passengers, about 3000000 tons of annual sales, sales of about 20000000000 Yuan, while Yongnian has more than 30 people set up standard throughout the country at or above the county level city of more than 100 thousand pieces of retail stores. Any fastener products can be sold in the Yongnian market, but also to find any fastener products.

Yongnian standard parts is one of the pillar industries of Yongnian, has been named as the provincial government of the "ten major local characteristics of Hebei province", "Hebei province regional industrial base" and "Hebei Province Import and export base". Standard parts market has been named as the "ten largest market of production materials in Hebei province", "top 100 market in Hebei province", "the most influential market in Hebei province", and "the most influential market in province"". The scale of production and the degree of market expansion.
Two, the development advantage
1, with the development of the market economy, with excellent opportunities for development of Yongnian county area, the original is the beginning of the five month exhibition organized to meet the standard of countrywide each district enterprise exchanges and communication, can not meet the docking and discuss foreign merchants and Yongnian standard parts enterprises, unable to meet the development demands of enterprises at home and abroad standard parts, so we break the tradition, reform and innovation, the original is at the beginning of the month 51 days of exhibition to the beginning of the eight, the ninth month is two days to hold, so as to meet the domestic and international standard parts and equipment manufacturers, distributors and end-user needs.

2, make full use of the vast majority of the standard parts of Yongnian in the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival of the new year to go home to the golden opportunity for them to build information exchange, product procurement, strengthen friendship, communicate feelings exhibition platform 300 thousand.
The start of the 3, since 2004, Chinese - Yongnian standard parts manufacturers association and products exhibition has been successfully held 13 sessions, every exhibition attracted from all over the country about 100000 standard parts related participants, the cumulative turnover of about 10000000000 yuan, has become the China northern area of the most influential and largest, most complete products. Fastener fair.

Three, the scope of the exhibition
1, high strength fasteners, fasteners, bolts, nuts, expansion bolts, drilling tail silk, washers, springs, stainless steel, power fittings, railway accessories, special-shaped parts, such as fasteners.
2, standard parts machinery and equipment, machine tools, wire, mold, hardware, electrical machinery, bearings, tools, etc..
3, Yongnian real estate, building materials, hotels, banks, communications, agricultural and sideline products, etc..
Four, exhibition specifications
1, special installation exhibition: 6x6 meters
2, exhibition: 3x3 meters. The standard configuration for a table and two chairs, booth lighting, lintel board.
3, indoor open space of 36 square meters of rent ($900 / square) each extension.





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