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Yongnian standard parts enterprises to participate in the Ge
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March 28, 2017 -30, the Stuttgart fastener exhibition in Stuttgart International Exhibition Center Grand opening.

Yongnian standard parts enterprise Handan Seiko, Handan Feida, Handan Sheng Sheng, Jin Jiang media and so on the delegation to participate in the booth on the promotion of enterprise products and Yongnian standard parts market.
Jin Jiang media in the exhibition site issued 2017 eleventh Chinese Yongnian fasteners and equipment exhibition in the English version of the invitation, inviting foreign fastener manufacturers, distributors, end-users and exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, welcome and attention.

Zhao Yubo, vice president of Hebei fastener industry association, vice president, attended the exhibition in.


The Stuttgart exhibition has a strong international influence and is held every two years. This exhibition brings together international famous fastener manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, display all kinds of products and technology, the new variety, high technology content, to a certain extent, on behalf of the technology to the fastener industry and trends. The exhibition is divided into 1 hall, 3 hall, 5 Hall three Hall, exhibitors a total of about 890, Chinese mainland and Taiwan show there are about 300. Most of the Chinese exhibitors concentrated in the museum 5.
Since 2016 the EU will cancel the anti-dumping measures, Yongnian standard parts enterprises abroad will be more intense, on the other hand, the Yongnian standard parts of the enterprise product quality is also rising, there is an urgent need to develop a bigger market. The Yongnian standard parts enterprises, a pressing matter of the moment want to improve the enterprise's own hard and soft power, especially in the development of German and European market, product positioning, according to local market demand, improve product quality and added value, and improve Yongnian fastener enterprises influence and voice in the global fastener industry.


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