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The Eleventh China Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners and Equipment2017-05-02 10:32:12
Organizer: Handan Municipal Peoples Government Hebei Office of industry and information Hebei Province, CCPIT Undertaker: Yongnian District Peoples Government of Handan Handan Municipal Bureau of industry and information Handan City CCPIT Executive d...
The fourteenth China Yongnian standard parts manufacturers a2017-05-02 10:14:04
Time: February 2017 4-5 (the 8th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar - 9th) Location: Yongnian China international standard parts industry city In order to strengthen the national standard parts industry and the exchange of informati...
Yongnian standard parts enterprises to participate in the Ge2017-05-02 10:13:16
March 28, 2017 -30, the Stuttgart fastener exhibition in Stuttgart International Exhibition Center Grand opening. Yongnian standard parts enterprise Handan Seiko, Handan Feida, Handan Sheng Sheng, Jin Jiang media and so on the delegation to participa...
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